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Brian McAtee, Production Manager

Brian McAtee, Production Manager

He is the most interesting man in event production…

Brian has worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years. He’s toured over 20 countries and had the opportunity to advance his skill sets in every type of scenario. He has worked in Rock and Roll, Broadway, Circus, Arena, Theater, Festivals and more venues around the world than we can count.

Merestone is excited about Brian’s very dynamic background and the wealth of information he will add to the crew.

American Airlines Honors 75 Years!
Merry Christmas from Merestone
Putting our Pandora’s Box to Use


Ringing in 2015

Happy New Year from Merestone!

Looking back at 2014, it has been a year full of exciting changes for Merestone! We have renovated our headquarters by adding a brand new creative services area and expanded our office space for all the new faces that joined us this year. Down at the warehouse, we realized a lifelong goal of building three permanent studios, including a 30′ X 30′ green screen cyclorama. We were also able to increase space for both our audio and video departments that have grown.

We feel so blessed by the clients we worked with in 2014.

Thank you for making our 40th anniversary year so special!

We are excited to ring in the New Year with even more growth and our expansion into the Dallas market in 2015!

Individually Talented and Collectively Harmonious! Here we come 2015!!!

An Undercover Operation

Filming began this week at the Merestone Studios for the Scottsdale Chamber’s 29th Annual Sterling Awards, “Undercover Operatives” were decked out in their gear and Merestone set the Studio to capture every moment. Merestone produces the Sterling Awards every year challenging them-selves to come up with new and exciting themes. With our BRAND NEW STUDIOS to support us, we are very excited about the videos that will make this event SUPERHUMAN!
The Scottsdale Chamber’s marquee event, the Sterling Awards, celebrates the people and companies that make our community a great place to live, work and play.

Merestone Studios Is Now Open!

Merestone Studios conference room

Sneak Peek!

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  • Rehearsal Space
  • Three Studios
  • Green Screen
  • Cyc and Still
  • Editing Bays
  • Wardrobe
  • Makeup
  • Gear
  • FX


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Watch our 30’ x 30’ x 18’ Cyc Going Up!


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