Unique and One of A Kind!

Our new tool of the trade falls perfectly in line with Merestone’s way… custom, like no other, uniquely your brand! Our newest device the Eagle Bending machine, allow us to create staging and décor to match each client’s brand and look.
This machine bends tube, metal, pipe, etc. into square, circles, and more to create any look or design that is needed. See below for Merestone’s recent creation. BendingpostGenband

New in 2015!

We are very excited for the newest addition to our inventory the OCE ARIZONA 480 UV CURABLE PRINTER! It is a large flatbed printer with a total of 8 ink channels, able to deliver outstanding details, smooth vignettes and solid color fills.

Displaying a graphic or message at your event is part of making your brand speak for you, with new equipment in our Graphics Department; Merestone is ready to make this happen!

The photo below is one example of a plexi print that Merestone created, LED lights were mounted on the inside to create this vibrant oriental centerpiece for Maya Day and Night Club!


Cultivating our Graphic Service’s Power!

Merestone’s top executives were among thousands of imagers that came from around the world to the Las Vegas Convention Center’s expansive showroom floor. The hundreds of exhibitors are showcasing the broadest range of technology available in the specialty printing market. Merestone having its very own Graphics Services Department traveled to Las Vegas to maximize the benefits for our clients and gather all the new information available. Printing and imaging techniques, uses, and equipment that are the latest and greatest are very important to Merestone so that every dream can become a reality for our clients.

New Addition to the Merestone Inventory

The new standard for projectors is the Christie Roadster S+20K SXGA+DLP; Merestone has added (8) eight of these to our growing inventory. They are able to project any shape image: round, square or on to a building if needed! They have amazing brightness and are compact which makes them travel well when needed.

Merestone can network all of them together so on any given show they run seamlessly as one. The capabilities of these projectors go on and on… Contact Merestone to get more information on this new equipment and how it can enhance your next event!

Managing Mother Nature


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