IMEX 2018 Booth-v2

After countless hours of pre-planning, numerous digital renderings, measuring 20 times and cutting once, Merestone has completed and shipped the Arizona Convention and Visitor’s Bureau booth to Las Vegas for IMEX America 2018. All major components were built from scratch by Merestone’s top engineers, carpenters, and craftsmen to deliver the final product the client envisioned. During the months of pre-design, the client and Merestone thoroughly went over every piece to incorporate in this booth’s layout. From the metallic colors picked to the 15 foot diameter ceiling flyer, this booth was built with vision. It would take 289 days to share every detail that went into the building of this booth, however, to save time, here are a couple features to feature that will take 5 minutes to read.

Ceiling Flyer

Being noticed at a convention of over 5,000 attendees and 3,000 exhibitors is not an easy task. That’s why Merestone designed a monster in the sky to be seen from every corner of the Sands Convention Center. With a diameter of 15 feet, it’s hard to miss it hanging right over the client’s booth. Every detail of the flyer was hand selected by the client and crafted by the best engineers in the industry.


Custom LED Wall

It all started here. This center wall surrounds the LED panels to create a window effect. The client produced the perfect presentation of Arizona scenic shots to be displayed. Bright and beautiful, the LED panels have vibrant resolution that will accent every color in the Grand Canyon photos. While Merestone considered attendees checking in the front desk, the client also wanted a bar on the opposite side. This meant the LED wall needed to be double sided and the wall itself needed to double in size. Challenges presented themselves left and right, but Merestone’s craftsmen and carpenters were able to overcome them quickly and stay on schedule to ship everything from Phoenix to Las Vegas on time.

The Merestone Touch

No matter how complex, detailed, and large a project may be, Merestone provides the highest quality in all custom builds. Every detail is assessed and measured with cautious, critical thinking. If your company has a project that required great care and precision, Contact Us to hear how we can transform your vision into a reality.

Christmas Builds

The Merestone scenic shop was at it again this year bringing Christmas cheer to the valley. Smoresland was hand carved and painted the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers looked so good you may want to take a bite out of them. Santa’s mail room and headquarters was also set up and ready for the kids to get their letters to Santa.

Make Your Tradeshow Unique

This sleek, trend setting trade show decor has the following elements:

  • Circle quadrants of four booths which sit independently in the layout
  • An entrance piece for branding
  • (4) four curved matching tables for attendees to link up and use for business
  • Networking field for receptions
  • Show help desk
  • (3) three tech areas

You can add a stage and large screens to sit at the end of the networking field for speakers, presentations and entertainment. If you want to do something memorable for your trade show give us a call!

Merry Christmas from Merestone

To all our friends, Merry Christmas from Merestone!

Custom Christmas Train

Choo, Choo! Here comes Santa’s train for the season!
Merestone’s scenic shop created this custom train for a client that wanted a interactive train that people could drop their donations and gifts into.
The custom pieces that we are able to create at Merestone shop are never ending, and oh so cute, when it comes to this 8.3 foot tall & 12 foot long Choo Choo Train.Train1

Light’em UP at Your Next Event!

This illuminating dance group can personalize any opening to your event; by creating a unique and electrifying dance routine that gets the attendees moving and ready for the day!

The Dust is Settling

The Merestone team has been working fast and furiously over the past two weeks! Phoenix has been a frenzy of activity from the Pro Bowl to the Waste Management Open to the Super Bowl, and Merestone has been an integral resource for every event.

We rocked it out with Darius Rucker, graced the greens with multiple hospitality and trade show tents, and glammed up parties for Doritos, Tostitos, and the one and only, Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee.

Not to mention... we still produced week long conferences for our corporate clients, such as GENBAND, Re-Bath and Imagine Communications.

Our team's hard work and long hours paid off! Providing the audio visual, lighting, scenic decor, signage, and creative services for so many events in a concentrated time period gave Merestone the opportunity to shine and establish its reputation as a leader in Event Production. With our expansion into Dallas, TX, Super Bowl was just a test run for the great adventure we are ready to take on!

Be sure to check out all of the pictures from the great events that Merestone produced on our Portfolio page!

Ringing in 2015

Happy New Year from Merestone!

Looking back at 2014, it has been a year full of exciting changes for Merestone! We have renovated our headquarters by adding a brand new creative services area and expanded our office space for all the new faces that joined us this year. Down at the warehouse, we realized a lifelong goal of building three permanent studios, including a 30′ X 30′ green screen cyclorama. We were also able to increase space for both our audio and video departments that have grown.

We feel so blessed by the clients we worked with in 2014.

Thank you for making our 40th anniversary year so special!

We are excited to ring in the New Year with even more growth and our expansion into the Dallas market in 2015!

Individually Talented and Collectively Harmonious! Here we come 2015!!!

Phoenix Business Journal “Best Places To Work”


A little rain did not slow us down today while we celebrated the awesome companies honored by the Phoenix Business Journal as “Best Places to Work”. With over 600 attendees at the event, Valley companies that put their employees first with things like: hosted family outings, fabulous anniversary gifts and required sabbaticals were showcased.

The event theme was TEAMWORK and featured Merestone’s Arena Entrance as the backdrop for the stage. As the exclusive production company for the Phoenix Business Journal, we would like to congratulate each company that was honored today!

Cultivating our Graphic Service’s Power!

Merestone’s top executives were among thousands of imagers that came from around the world to the Las Vegas Convention Center’s expansive showroom floor. The hundreds of exhibitors are showcasing the broadest range of technology available in the specialty printing market. Merestone having its very own Graphics Services Department traveled to Las Vegas to maximize the benefits for our clients and gather all the new information available. Printing and imaging techniques, uses, and equipment that are the latest and greatest are very important to Merestone so that every dream can become a reality for our clients.


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