Welcoming lobbyists to an evening of enjoyment and high stakes conversations put this event as power-packed not only during the event, but during the set-up as well. The transformation of an existing dark plain bar into a Montana high class club was challenging because of the short timeline for the transformation. Our semi back up filled with log furniture, specialty leather furniture, custom built scenic elements to fit over the top of existing bars and walls to cover the old and turn it into the “new” Montana flavored look… including turf for the patio!


  • Custom Creation of Multiple Bars
  • Custom Entrance Build Using Scenic Rock, Pole Logs and Hand Sewn Beams
  • Plant Package
  • Fire Pit Build
  • Decor to Cover Existing Interior Bars
  • Table Decor and Centerpieces
  • Specialty Leather Chairs and Couches
  • Specialty Furniture – Rustic Pole Style
  • Specialty Furniture – Saddle Chairs for the Bar
  • Specialty Furniture – Cherry Tables with Curved Saddle Stools
  • Thematic Décor
  • Production
  • Scheduling for Quick Load-in/Load-out
  • Trucking
  • Client Signage – Design and Manufacture
  • Lighting for Decor
  • Gobos
  • Flatscreens with Custom Lodge Pole Frames to go Behind Bars
  • CAD Drawings
  • Design Renderings

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