Merestone shot, edited and produced an informative video for Scottsdale Healthcare that was to feature and reveal all of their numerous services to the public. Scottsdale Healthcare’s main focus of this video was to appeal to those in need of hospital services, especially cancer treatment services. Their Susan G. Piper Center is a specialized center that supports both the patient and the caregiver. Scottsdale Healthcare wanted to highlight the fact that they are a large supporter of the community by maintaining a green environment, hosting cost-free educational classes for the public and offering support groups for those in need.

For this informational video, Merestone wrote the scripts to include interviews for the CEO of Scottsdale Healthcare, various healthcare professionals and a survivor from the Susan G. Piper Center, scouted locations, and designed and edited footage. The main purpose was to capture the heart of the subject, Scottsdale Healthcare in the community, while encompassing all of the detailed information and services that they provide. That effort was truly a feat in itself.

The overall experience was incredible. Many hours were spent transforming what was originally various video footage into a true documentary-style video. It morphed into an in-depth presentation from real people who spend their lives changing the lives of others.


  • MarCom Award, Platinum – “iCare”, Video/Film/Medical
  • AVA Award, Gold – “iCare”, Video Production/Medical External
  • AVA Award, Gold – “iCare”, Video Production/Corporate Image

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