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Merestone is an award-winning, full-service event production company. We create experiences that educate, communicate, inspire and elevate.

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Live, Hybrid and Virtual Events

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At Merestone, meetings and events are our core. Over the years, we’ve expanded our capabilities and equipment. As a result, we’re perfectly positioned to offer unique hybrid and virtual meetings and events. Additionally, we offer rehearsals and emcees, for better content and delivery. Furthermore, our technical team, specializes in broadcast quality virtual events. Finally, let’s make your next hybrid/ virtual event a huge success. With Merestone, you will fell confident that your event will go smooth, and have a well-produced experience that engages your attendees.

Merestone’s Virtual Campus

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Many ask, how they can turn there next conference into a virtual experience! You will feel confident, that Merestone’s Virtual Campus, is a fully immersive environment that engages your attendees. Furthermore, we’ve got 16 meeting rooms, and dozens of networking spaces ready to use. As a result, the campus is easy to use and flexible. Most noteworthy, just like planning and attending, a live conference, the the next opportunity in successful Virtual Campus events. Finally, the best part is, no traveling needed!

At Merestone, we are the perfect, virtual solution to connect, network, and share ideas is here!

Virtual Trade Shows

Event Production Company - Virtual Tradeshow

Naturally, 2020 is the year of the virtual trade show and expo events, worldwide. Rest assured, there’s no need to delay or postpone. Furthermore, with Merestone Global Event Production, we specializes in virtual trade shows. Specifically, we produce events that convey the feeling and experience of your booth in action. Because our Virtual Campus has a built-in Expo Hall, it’s perfect for tradeshows. Most noteworthy, here’s why. First, you can brand your booth. Second, you talk and chat with attendees in private rooms. Third, you can share product demos, videos, and slide decks. 

Full-Service Event Production Company

Event Production Company

You have probably heard, many production companies claim they “do it all.” However with Merestone, we are proud to be a true, full-service event production company. We’re experts in live, virtual, and hybrid events. Our in-house production, audiovisual, creative services, and scenic build teams are ready to transform your next event into an experience. Finally, send us an RFP today, as you will not be disappointed! 

How to connect with your audience in a virtual meeting.

by David DeRoser | Merestone Director of Information Services

At Merestone, our approach to virtual events is straightforward, and simple. Specifically, we make them feel like live, in-person experiences. Additionally, just like live events, virtual meetings must be memorable. As a result, this is  because memorable experiences resonate the most with attendees. And so, our approach is the most effective way to reach your audience.

To elaborate, many ask, why can’t we use music and animations to introduce speakers, like on a live show for instance? To expand, why can’t virtual meetings have an engaging Emcee to keep the meeting moving at a good pace? Finally, why can’t there be small panels, guest speakers, or Q&A sessions? What about entertainment or awards recognition?

All of this is possible with a virtual event, and with Merestone Global Event Production.

Award Ceremonies. Sales Summits. Training. Tradeshows.

You will be happy to hear, we can successfully produce them all within a virtual environment. Resulting, due to the fact, that Merestone has the tools in place to transform virtual meetings and events into engaging experiences. Continuing, we start with planning, and that follow up with rehearsals. Finally, we then focus on content, delivery, smooth transitions, and creating memorable experiences.

With virtual meetings and events, creating a memorable experience is key. Merestone, offers several interactive solutions, to accomplish this right out of the gate. From our live stream platform, to our new virtual campus, we’re ready to engage your attendees. Consider the current meeting trend; a one or two-hour zoom call. Unfortunately, no one remembers everything said in a two-hour zoom call. Most people, recall the first few minutes, and then check out. For instance, they work on other things instead of listening. Their attention is divided. They stay on mute with their cameras off. They don’t bother to ask questions, even if the opportunity arises.

Event Production Company - Virtual Campus2

Now imagine spending that same amount of time interacting with attendees inside our virtual campus instead.

At Merestone’s Virtual Campus, we offer dozens of opportunities to learn and network. Alternatively, multiple meetings can be scheduled throughout the day, or in the evening. Specifically, it’s just like taking over a hotel ballroom, or convention center for the weekend. Furthermore, it all takes place in an environment that encourages communication and sharing. Furthermore, attendees will want to talk to each other and they won’t be on mute. Naturally, they’ll want to ask questions and exchange ideas.

In other words, our virtual campus is 1000 times better than a Zoom Call.

As a result, you will be able to connect with your virtual audience and making memorable experiences go hand in hand. Finally, let’s make a game plan for your next virtual meeting and feel free to speak with a Merestone Producer today and we’ll get started.

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Not sure where to begin? Here’s how to reach attendees all over the world:

Film on our Green Screen or LED Studio and stream directly to your audience with our broadcast-quality live stream platform.

Naturally, this is a simple, but elegant solution to deliver quality content. Specifically, our studio sets are supported by our experienced, AV production staff. Finally, we even have a control room, conference room, hair & makeup areas to make sure your presenters are prepared and look their best.


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