Ted Hill

Chief Executive Officer

Ted founded Merestone almost 47 years ago. After getting his start in photography in California, Ted opened a top commercial studio in Hollywood, servicing all of the major studios as an independent still photographer. Ted then moved to Arizona, creating a full-service production company with his wife, Camille Hill.

Camille Hill


She has worked as a theatrical designer in New York City and was on her way to work for the San Francisco Opera House when she was captivated by Arizona (actually Ted) and decided to stay. In 1974, Camille and her husband, Ted Hill, CEO of Unique Inc., co-founded Merestone. She oversees the Sales and Marketing departments.

Rob Hill

Vice President

Rob is also one of the owners of Merestone, overseeing all operations within the company. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Industrial Technology and has been with Merestone Productions since 1988. Within that time, he has worked on every aspect of events and production services.

Brittany Lake


“Originating from a big family, I was born in Idaho, raised in Southern California and moved to Arizona in 2002. I joined the Merestone family in 2009. Providing leadership and coordination of the accounting operations of the company is my main focus. I am an accuracy guru."

Chuck Zulker

Warehouse Manager

“As the warehouse manager I oversee the everyday operations. Originally from New Jersey, I have been in Arizona for 22 years."

Brittany & Dolly

Official Office Dogs

“Dolly here! We are the official Merestone office dogs. I am an American Brittany (and rescue) and Brittany is a French Brittany (and very self-impressed). It’s a big job but we keep the office tension-free and on task! We have been trained to greet guests. Stop by and meet us!”