Virtual Campus from Merestone!

Tour our new Virtual Campus!

Welcome to Merestone’s Virtual Campus! Our campus features a fully immersive experience. It’s ideal for virtual meetings, networking, training, tradeshows, and more. This is because it offers attendees an engaging platform that’s easy to use.

Right away, attendees realize how easy and fun it is to explore the virtual campus. Once they create their custom avatar, they’re able to jump right in. Because we feature dozens of meeting rooms and private areas, networking and interaction opportunities come naturally. It encourages conversation and sharing ideas!

Managing your virtual campus experience

Creating a lasting experience is key. And Merestone’s production staff is always there to manage every aspect of your event. The same goes for Merestone’s campus.  We schedule speakers, assign rooms, incorporate sponsors, and brand the environment. For example, Agendas can be displayed in the Welcome Foyer. Sponsors and partner logos can be displayed on the banners outside or in a specific meeting room.

virtual campus up closeThere are flexible options for both large meetings and smaller panels. For instance, it’s easy to swap out the configuration of smaller rooms. We can have classroom, rounds, or board rooms with the click of a mouse. And because our production team is present during every keynote presentation, our client’s know they are covered. It’s just like managing a live, in-person event.

virtual campus auditorium

Our virtual campus is ideal for:

Meetings and Events
Training, Education, and Board Room Meetings
Trade shows and Product Demos
Team Building
Q&A Sessions

If you want to know more, please get in touch here. We are excited to arrange a virtual tour!

Event Production Company - Virtual Sets
Virtual Award Sets

What are Virtual Award Sets?

For many years, stage designs have set the tone for live meetings and events. Take the awards show season in Hollywood, for example. Every award show is trying to deliver a unique experience. They want something exciting and that engages attendees and viewers at home. Virtual Award programs and virtual award sets must have the same approach.

Using a virtual award set is the best way to re-create the experience and excitement of a live, in-person event.

Virtual Award SetsMerestone’s Virtual Awards Sets offer versatility and add production value to your virtual meeting. We accomplish this in a few ways. First, each virtual set comes with multiple camera angles. This is much like a large network television studio. Presenters can appear in different areas of the stage. We can do camera moves. It breaks up the monotony of using the same background image. Second, we’re not restricted by ceiling height or ballroom sizes. This allows us the creative freedom to add depth and dimension to the design. And finally, we can add any content to the digital screens within the set—just like we would on a live show. This means we can bring in powerpoints, videos, and guest speakers.

For more about virtual award sets, please check out our virtual meetings.

Choctaw Casino Video Mapping

Choctaw Casino Video Mapping

Choctaw Casino and the Richards Group partnered with Merestone to take advantage of Dallas’ newest landmark, “Leaning Tower of Dallas.” The Leaning Tower of Dallas was the result of a failed building implosion, leaving behind most of the original structure. After a wrecking ball failed to bring down the building remains, The Leaning Tower of Dallas became an internet meme.

With our help, the casino projected an ad onto the side of the tower, making the most of a unique and trending opportunity.

View the full article on NBC Here.


Arizona’s #1 Production Company!

Arizona’s #1 Production Company!

A big thank you to AZ Big Media’s Ranking Arizona, to everyone that voted and to our amazing team!

Event Production Company

Arizona’s #1 Production Company!

Welcome to Merestone! we are Arizona’s #1 Production Company! To recap, we  specialize in creating experiences that help the world’s best brands.

Our Mission

Arizona's #1 Production Company

Live virtual meeting- Arizona’s #1 Production Company- Merestone

Our Mission, to educate, communicate, inspire and elevate the people who mean the most to your company. Naturally, this is your employees, your customers and vendors. What is Event Management Production

One-of-a-kind, live and interactive events

Additionally, we produce one-of-a-kind, live and interactive events and environments that provide your audience with a true brand experience. We communicate your brand message through event and experiential campaigns that deliver a true impact and elicit response. Get More Info NOW!

COMPANY STRENGTHS: Talent, passion and love. It’s pretty amazing to watch a project go from producers, to event logistics coordinators, graphic designers, project managers, carpenters, welders, painters and technicians all under the same roof. There’s a guarantee that your event, fabrication or production will go through multiple talented hands to ensure you will receive only the best of who we are.

OUTLOOK FOR 2020: In one word: Expectant. Our job is to lead companies in telling their stories through brand experiences in ways that leave long-lasting impressions. As long as we do that and stick to the strengths our team brings, we know 2020 will be a year to remember.

The 12 Months of Merestone!

The 12 Months of Merestone!

Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone who spent 2019 with the Merestone family! We look forward to the next adventures we will take on together in 2020, as well as the new relationships we will form and grow. Let’s celebrate the new year and all the possibilities! Here are just a few of the projects we took on this year:

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Gracias a todos que pasaron este ano con la familia Merestone. Esperamos con ansias las próximas aventuras que emprenderemos en el 2020, así como las nuevas relaciones que formaremos. ¡Celebremos el año nuevo y todas las posibilidades! Estos son algunos de los proyectos que asumimos este año:

Merry Christmas from Merestone!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

¡Feliz Navidad de nuestra familia a la tuya!

Camille Hill – Women in Business

Camille Hill – Women in Business
Merestone is very proud to share, our President Camille Hill was featured in AZ Business for Women in Business. Not only does Camille touch on our awesome services and talented team, but she also touches on the beginnings of the company and where we got our name. Read more below or follow the link attached to Women in Business.
Estamos muy orgullosos de compartir que nuestra presidenta, Camille Hill, aparece en AZ Business para Women in Business. Camille no solo habla sobre nuestros increíbles servicios y nuestro talentoso equipo, sino que también habla sobre los inicios de la compañía y de dónde obtuvimos nuestro nombre. Lea más a continuación o siga el enlace adjunto a Women in Business.
Thank you AZ Big Media for the honor!

¡Gracias AZ Big Media por el honor!
Your Life Arizona Warehouse Tour with Merestone VP, Rob Hill Pt. II

Merestone Vice President, Rob Hill discusses our large props warehouse and how Merestone successfully caters to our clients’ needs through custom fabrication.

El vicepresidente de Merestone, Rob Hill, habla sobre nuestro gran almacén de accesorios y cómo Merestone satisface, con éxito, las necesidades de nuestros clientes a través de fabricación personalizada.

Props and More Props!

Your Life Arizona Warehouse Tour with Merestone VP, Rob Hill Pt. I

Merestone Vice President, Rob Hill discusses how Merestone successfully caters to our clients’ audio and visual needs through our awesome team and our extensive inventory.

El vicepresidente de Merestone, Rob Hill, habla sobre cómo Merestone satisface con éxito las necesidades de audio y visual de nuestros clientes a través de nuestro increíble equipo y nuestro extenso inventario.

Audio and Visual Party

Show Flow

Show Flow

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