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From the Desk of Rob Hill

From the Desk of Rob Hill

February 2021 Edition

Ok, Ok, Ok….I Confess…

Want to know a big reason why our Merestone customers choose us as their virtual event partner? We’d like to think it’s all the fancy state of the art equipment that we can take on the road for any live and/or hybrid situation, our slick and convenient video production in-house studios, and the custom technology solutions we provide to engage audiences and make each virtual event unique.

But we confess…it’s not!

The truth is, even for customers experienced in planning large live, hybrid, and virtual events, things can get extremely complicated…fast.  No matter how challenging things get, our amazing team of Meeting Producers works side by side with our clients, presenters, and talent through every step of the production process. For Merestone, it’s all about coming up with the best solutions to meet your event goals.

The bottom line, what meeting event organizers really love about Merestone is our team’s approach to our customer’s success.

So, which virtual engagement platform will deliver the best outcomes for your event?

Well, identifying your target audience, type of content, the volume of events, budget, and depth of collaboration will help determine the best fit. Merestone offers a full complement of virtual platforms to meet every engagement need. All offer state-of-the-art technology, dedicated account and project management, high-touch white-glove service, and full technical support.


There is a myriad of web conference platforms out there. Merestone is familiar and works closely with just about all of them and can suggest packages that deliver robust features that are cost-effective and ideal for small, medium, and large volume events. Merestone also supports Adobe Connect, GlobalMeet, and Zoom.

Broadcast Quality Delivery

Merestone’s studio platform delivers stunning broadcast-quality content to remote audiences all over the world. Our virtual studios are equipped with the latest technology and the strongest bandwidth for streaming your live event. It’s the best environment for broadcasting live content from 1-to-many.

Distance Remote

This can be as simple as a webcam at your local office and Merestone’s remote production crew. Live, “simulive”, or on-demand events can run through our production pipeline from there. Ideal when presenters cannot travel and perfect for speakers and audiences of all sizes.  Merestone can provide pre-record services from presenters locally or from anywhere in the world. Call us today to find out more about presenting and hosting events from the comfort of your workspace.

Full Virtual Studio

Our highly interactive in-house studios featuring three production suites integrate full studio production that can support in-person moderators and remote audiences displayed on Green Screen and/or LED video walls. These studios are deal for meetings where interaction, discussion, and collaboration are critical.

Hybrid Meetings

When combining an in-person and virtual meeting best addresses your needs. Our live meeting services team works with our production teams to deliver a seamless event so your focus is on the content, not the logistics.

So when you’re ready to design and produce virtual webinars, hybrid meetings, charity events, awards shows, and live programs, let our team of talented professionals help you to produce the best program you have ever had !!

Virtual Campus from Merestone!

Tour our new Virtual Campus!

Welcome to Merestone’s Virtual Campus! Our campus features a fully immersive experience. It’s ideal for virtual meetings, networking, training, tradeshows, and more. This is because it offers attendees an engaging platform that’s easy to use.

Right away, attendees realize how easy and fun it is to explore the virtual campus. Once they create their custom avatar, they’re able to jump right in. Because we feature dozens of meeting rooms and private areas, networking and interaction opportunities come naturally. It encourages conversation and sharing ideas!

Managing your virtual campus experience

Creating a lasting experience is key. And Merestone’s production staff is always there to manage every aspect of your event. The same goes for Merestone’s campus.  We schedule speakers, assign rooms, incorporate sponsors, and brand the environment. For example, Agendas can be displayed in the Welcome Foyer. Sponsors and partner logos can be displayed on the banners outside or in a specific meeting room.

virtual campus up closeThere are flexible options for both large meetings and smaller panels. For instance, it’s easy to swap out the configuration of smaller rooms. We can have classroom, rounds, or board rooms with the click of a mouse. And because our production team is present during every keynote presentation, our client’s know they are covered. It’s just like managing a live, in-person event.

virtual campus auditorium

Our virtual campus is ideal for:

Meetings and Events
Training, Education, and Board Room Meetings
Trade shows and Product Demos
Team Building
Q&A Sessions

If you want to know more, please get in touch here. We are excited to arrange a virtual tour!

Event Production Company - Virtual Sets
Virtual Award Sets

What are Virtual Award Sets?

For many years, stage designs have set the tone for live meetings and events. Take the awards show season in Hollywood, for example. Every award show is trying to deliver a unique experience. They want something exciting and that engages attendees and viewers at home. Virtual Award programs and virtual award sets must have the same approach.

Using a virtual award set is the best way to re-create the experience and excitement of a live, in-person event.

Virtual Award SetsMerestone’s Virtual Awards Sets offer versatility and add production value to your virtual meeting. We accomplish this in a few ways. First, each virtual set comes with multiple camera angles. This is much like a large network television studio. Presenters can appear in different areas of the stage. We can do camera moves. It breaks up the monotony of using the same background image. Second, we’re not restricted by ceiling height or ballroom sizes. This allows us the creative freedom to add depth and dimension to the design. And finally, we can add any content to the digital screens within the set—just like we would on a live show. This means we can bring in powerpoints, videos, and guest speakers.

For more about virtual award sets, please check out our virtual meetings.

Your Life Arizona Warehouse Tour with Merestone VP, Rob Hill Pt. I

Merestone Vice President, Rob Hill discusses how Merestone successfully caters to our clients’ audio and visual needs through our awesome team and our extensive inventory.

El vicepresidente de Merestone, Rob Hill, habla sobre cómo Merestone satisface con éxito las necesidades de audio y visual de nuestros clientes a través de nuestro increíble equipo y nuestro extenso inventario.

Audio and Visual Party

WiFi Featured Image w. Logo

Take the WiFi Quiz

Take the WiFi Quiz

You can only use the venue WiFi.

The hotel will charge me an enormous fee for in-house WiFi if I use an external audio visual provider, and there is nothing I can do about it.

The venue WiFi is shared across all meetings and guests.

WiFi is only one of many service options I can choose from for my event.

The fastest option will be the venue WiFi.

The hotel or venue can block any outside WiFi.

Venues do not offer a variety of options to customize WiFi for your specific needs.

Technology is flawless.

If you have any questions about WiFi for your event, fill out the contact form below!

The Rise of the Phoenix Creative Podium
Phoenix Podium

Creative Podium

 Creative PodiumOur new hand-crafted Phoenix Podium is the perfect choice for a magical evening. Made from beautiful ash wood and adorned with gold leaves, this podium is truly a work of art. Built in-house by our talented scenic shop, it is available for your next event.

Contact us to learn more!

American Airlines Honors 75 Years!

ROBE Lighting Distributor

ROBE Lighting Distributor

Elana Cukier, Merestone’s Rental Account Manager, also now our Certified Robe Lighting dealer located right here in The Valley.

ROBE LIGHTING manufacturers innovative, high quality moving lights and digital lighting products for the professional entertainment & leisure, architectural and themed environment industries.

Contact Elana if have any questions or needs that we can assist you with.

Merry Christmas from Merestone