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Music Festival Themed Party


Music festival season is about to kick off and instead of sending the employee of the month to the middle of the desert, bring the festival to your own backyard! Merestone completed one of the most amazing projects for the ultimate corporate employee appreciation event, a music festival themed party. Over 1,000 employees attended and came to eat, drink, play, dance, and post their experience on social media. Merestone spent over eight months planning to deliver the party of a lifetime.

Backstage Pass

Inspired by the bohemian-hipster look, two tee-pees decorated with twinkling lights created a magical entrance to the party. Guests stepped out of their own reality and into this epic oasis. The experience included two activity tents where guests made flower crowns and embraced their inner flower power. Merestone also custom built the two 21 foot acid animals and up-lit them both to give a vibrant pop of color. Each animal was wrapped with custom printing, designed to create a trippy aesthetic that the guests loved.

It’s Lit

Night festivals need mood lighting to keep the party going strong. Merestone brought in all kinds of lighting with special effects and imaginative twists. Inflatable, spiky lanterns that came straight out of SyFy flicks glowed up the buffet areas while moon balloons floated above. And, of course, the disco tree. Inspired by a weeping willow, the disco tree stands over 10 feet tall and added a beautiful, soft lighting to the space while neon circles wing from the branches.

It’s All About The Bars

From the beginning, the client made it clear they didn’t want a single dry cup in their guests’ hands and Merestone was happy to oblige this order. Right in the heart of the party, Merestone placed a massive, circular bar, wrapped in bright, neon graphics. Flown above was an eye-catching stretch wing canopy secured on truss so people could see the bar area from the entrance. Just in case a 40 foot in diameter full stocked bar was not enough to quench the thirst of these party animals, Merestone also provided two 36 foot glow bars, two 14 foot wave bars and a vintage bar with local beers on tap for good measure. You can never have too many bars, right?

A lot of time and effort went into making sure this event didn’t turn out like FYRE Festival. Read on how the Merestone experts reacted to the Netflix documentary and their advice when planning a large-scale event…