Client Hospitality Evening

Client Hospitality Evening

Incentive Gift Event

Merestone Productions created a party for our client’s sales awards. It was essential to create an environment that invited employees to celebrate their wins and we did just that through interactive stations. Employees walked through the space and visited stations to pick up their prizes for all of their achievements for the year. As they did so, they enjoyed food, beverages, music, dance and all sorts of entertainment.

Creative Services produced visual renders to help our client make final decisions on custom designs and pieces. We were able to ensure that their branding was carried out through the experience, leaving an impression on all who participated.

We are glad to report that everyone did indeed feel celebrated!

Phoenix Ad Club Members - Addy Awards 2019

Phoenix Ad Club

Phoenix Ad Club

Addy Awards

Knock twice and say the password. 

This year’s Addy Awards received a unique photo op that made a statement. The Speakeasy flats, complete with two illuminated fixtures and an faux doorway, created an imaginative photo set for guests to pose in front of and enjoy. Several Addy winners took the opportunity to be creative and have fun. Afterall, these winners are some of the sharpest graphic designers, advertisers, and marketers in the Valley.

These stunning pics of the Phoenix Ad Club members and Addy winners were shot by George Tenney and Erica Montgomery. Check out the recap video Tenney also created of the Addy’s:

Cox Communications

Cox Communications

Cox Communications

Focus Awards


Annual awards event need to do justice not only the winners but for the audience as well. Merestone has always believed a successful awards event that keeps everyone in mind, not just the winners. Create a signature setting, add entertainment and keep the speeches short is a formula which our clients appreciate.


The “circles” stage design was inspired by the theme “Focus Awards” Again, the specialty surface of the discs are a great canvas for lighting. The “white” runway with the welcoming curves steps allows the Awards winners to receive extra “moment on the stage” Usually, the winners are seated close to the stage, we suggested to have them sit towards the back which allows for the production value of signature music to accompany the award winner as her or she walks to the stage.


Live entertainment as the guests entered, during sinner and throughout the awards ceremony give the event a vibrancy. The various musicians joined together for some after-the-awards dancing.


Nothing is more intimate during an event than the table décor. Tonight classic black and white dressed the tables. Centerpieces of multi orb glass votives with floating oval LED candles. The chiavari chairs gave the table a gold touch which worked with the winners gold lame draped tables with black chiavari chairs.