Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge

Welcome to Arizona!

Merestone was more than ready to help welcome the Great Wolf Lodge to their new home! We provided Audio Visual solutions along with custom fabrication for props, printing, creative services and staging. Everything came together for a wonderful celebration!


¡Bienvenidos a Arizona!

¡Merestone estaba más que listo para ayudar a dar la bienvenida al Great Wolf Lodge a su nuevo hogar! Proporcionamos soluciones audiovisuales junto con fabricación personalizada para accesorios, impresión, servicios creativos y puesta en escena. ¡Todo se unió para una celebración maravillosa!

McAlester News - Choctaw Broke Ground PR photo

Choctaw Casino & Resort

Choctaw Casino & Resort

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Choctaw Casino & Resort broke ground on their expansion project earlier this year and we were delighted to be a part of such a momentous celebration.

Merestone provided staging, including the LED structure and wall which were a stunning stage backdrop. Our vivid and video-capable LED panels will always make a lasting impression. In order to literally break ground, we built a garden box able to accommodate more than 20 people. Along with graphics and printing, everything tied together to create an unforgettable moment of celebration!


¿Hablas Español?

Choctaw Casino & Resort inició un proyecto de expansión a principios de este año y estuvimos encantados de ser parte de una celebración tan trascendental.

Merestone proporcionó el escenario, incluyendo las estructuras de LED, que eran un impresionante telón de fondo. Nuestros paneles LED con capacidad de video siempre causarán una impresión duradera. Para literalmente excavar, construimos una caja de jardín con capacidad para más de 20 personas. ¡Junto con los gráficos y impresiónes, todo unido para crear un momento inolvidable de celebración!

Client Hospitality Evening

Client Hospitality Evening

Incentive Gift Event

Merestone Productions created a party for our client’s sales awards. It was essential to create an environment that invited employees to celebrate their wins and we did just that through interactive stations. Employees walked through the space and visited stations to pick up their prizes for all of their achievements for the year. As they did so, they enjoyed food, beverages, music, dance and all sorts of entertainment.

Creative Services produced visual renders to help our client make final decisions on custom designs and pieces. We were able to ensure that their branding was carried out through the experience, leaving an impression on all who participated.

We are glad to report that everyone did indeed feel celebrated!

Make-A-Wish AZ 2019 Gala

Make-A-Wish AZ

Make-A-Wish AZ

Wishes in Bloom Gala

Beautiful and elegant, this year’s Make-A-Wish Arizona Chapter Gala took special events to the next level. With a timeless floral theme to enhance the experience, guests arrived and stood in amazement of the final production.

Blooming Photo Op

One of the most loved feature at this year’s gala was the Blooming Hedge, complete with custom cutout branding. To grab a photo in front of the Blooming Photo Op, a line of guests wrapped around the corner and out the front door. Up lit by Merestone’s AV team, shadows were reduced in all event photos and everyone looked fabulous.

At the end of the night, Make-A-Wish had raised over $3.8 million that will benefit thousands of lives. Merestone is honored to have provided event production services to elevate Make-A-Wish’s annual fundraising gala.

GoDaddy Holiday Party 2018



Employee Holiday Party

Merestone Productions created an immersive winter wonderland experience for our client’s employee holiday party and it blew the knitted beanies right off their heads. When handling a large-scale business’ holiday party, it’s imperative to remember that this is their time to cut loose, introduce their plus ones to their company, and celebrate the holidays together. Merestone ensured this was an experience they would not forget.

Snow Village

Inspired by beautiful snow villages, the client wanted Merestone to create an entrancing experience for their employees. The vision included facades of storefronts, an iconic ice rink, and a town square. During the months of planning and collaborating, the Merestone Creative Services Team had designed various looks for the village before receiving approval from the client. With the visual aid of digital renders, the team captured the vision the client wanted and the building began!  

As functional food stations, the storefront facades manufactured at the Merestone scenic shop were each cut to look like a variety of traditional ski village buildings. Beautiful, characteristic graphics were then applied to the facades to finish the aesthetic.

What’s a snow village without an ice rink? To truly create an immersive experience for guests, a party needs to engage with people in a fun, creative way. As an interactive feature, Merestone provided a 2400 square foot ice rink with warm LED lighting that pulled together the final environment. As accent props and decor, Merestone placed around the field park benches, tudor street lamps, and pine trees with frosty branches. So many more intricate details were added into this scenic environment to enhance the experience of guests and encourage the sensation of going on a trip to a snowy, tucked-away village in the mountains.

Arizona Creative Events

Arizona Creative Events

Music Festival Themed Party


Music festival season is about to kick off and instead of sending the employee of the month to the middle of the desert, bring the festival to your own backyard! Merestone completed one of the most amazing projects for the ultimate corporate employee appreciation event, a music festival themed party. Over 1,000 employees attended and came to eat, drink, play, dance, and post their experience on social media. Merestone spent over eight months planning to deliver the party of a lifetime.

Backstage Pass

Inspired by the bohemian-hipster look, two tee-pees decorated with twinkling lights created a magical entrance to the party. Guests stepped out of their own reality and into this epic oasis. The experience included two activity tents where guests made flower crowns and embraced their inner flower power. Merestone also custom built the two 21 foot acid animals and up-lit them both to give a vibrant pop of color. Each animal was wrapped with custom printing, designed to create a trippy aesthetic that the guests loved.

It’s Lit

Night festivals need mood lighting to keep the party going strong. Merestone brought in all kinds of lighting with special effects and imaginative twists. Inflatable, spiky lanterns that came straight out of SyFy flicks glowed up the buffet areas while moon balloons floated above. And, of course, the disco tree. Inspired by a weeping willow, the disco tree stands over 10 feet tall and added a beautiful, soft lighting to the space while neon circles wing from the branches.

It’s All About The Bars

From the beginning, the client made it clear they didn’t want a single dry cup in their guests’ hands and Merestone was happy to oblige this order. Right in the heart of the party, Merestone placed a massive, circular bar, wrapped in bright, neon graphics. Flown above was an eye-catching stretch wing canopy secured on truss so people could see the bar area from the entrance. Just in case a 40 foot in diameter full stocked bar was not enough to quench the thirst of these party animals, Merestone also provided two 36 foot glow bars, two 14 foot wave bars and a vintage bar with local beers on tap for good measure. You can never have too many bars, right?

A lot of time and effort went into making sure this event didn’t turn out like FYRE Festival. Read on how the Merestone experts reacted to the Netflix documentary and their advice when planning a large-scale event…


Maple Ridge Events

Maple Ridge Events

Maple Ridge Events

Decades Party


Experience the best decades! Do this in a convention center with 5,000 other people. The decades of choice are the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The challenge is to take a 20,000 square foot area and fill it with “Golden Age” memories and fun!


A “time tunnel” arch of LED tube lights and low hovering fog represents the transfer from today to yesteryear.


Transformation start with a panoramic stage which extended over 500’ wide and became a powerful  scene entity offering continual lighting and graphic effects. Throughout the room were scenic towers of circular truss and graphics, identifying the various decade realms. These were filled with furniture, games and activities, memorable scenic… such as an vintage Airstream photo booth, giant backdrops for to stop and take a few selfies. Add to the hundreds of games and activities strategically placed throughout the room to maximize fun!


Each bar is wrapped in signature period graphics.


American Public Works Association

American Public Works Association

American Public Works Association

Arizona Celebration


The Best Show in Public Works unites the best and brightest professionals in the business from around the United States and beyond for four days of extensive educational programming, workshops, and an expo trade show. Merestone was thrilled to assist with the 1,800 person welcome reception. Guests were immersed in all the culture that Arizona has to offer. The festivities took place at the Phoenix Convention Center where guests were surrounded by Native American, Western and Mexican environments. Entertainment for the event was equally culturally diverse and stimulating with Native American hoop dancers, Mexican Mariachis, Mexican traditional dancers, Western Can-Can and swing dancers.

Our clients eloquently summed up the event with these comments: “It really gave our international and American visitors an unexpected taste of our AZ culture, and we heard nothing but compliments and surprise at how great (and unique) it was. I had someone actually tell me that she had been to the last 26 APWA Congresses and our party was the best one she had been to! I also heard that from one of our retired APWA AZ Chapter members here. I think we nailed it!”