American Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines

LAX Hangar Reveal


This large scale reveal event for one of the top airlines in the country required precision, state-of-the-art visual effects, and exceptional teamwork. With months of prep and collaboration, Merestone successfully produced this grand commercial plane reveal in American Airlines’ LAX hangar.

The Big Reveal

As a specific request from the client, Merestone supplied and operated the 120 feet kabuki drop for the reveal. To successfully trigger this amount of drape to release at the same time, Merestone divided the drape into four sections. One of the major challenges Merestone overcame involved anticipating the speed of the electrical current traveling through the cables. With the top notch team of engineers at Merestone’s Audio Visual studios, the technicians and engineers on staff worked together to calculate the electrical speed change and create this large scale kabuki drop.



  • Production
  • Labor & Trucking
  • Videography
  • Custom Signage