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Virtual Meetings by Merestone

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Merestone Virtual Meetings create a professional, well-produced and engaging experience for your audience.

Are you ready to pivot from live events to produced virtual meetings or webinars? Merestone has been in the business of accomplishing your vision for over four decades.

Bringing the latest Virtual Meetings & Technical Innovations

Over the years, we’ve evolved to bring the latest technical innovations and practices to serve your messaging needs. As the industry has changed, so has Merestone’s production team. For the past decade, we’ve built our reputation on delivering unforgettable experiences. This includes integrating live, hybrid, and virtual meetings. Today, our produced virtual webinar is the best and most effective way to reach your audience. Learn more about our history.


Flexible Virtual Meetings with Merestone

Our LED Screen and Stage

Our LED Screen offers a clean look that engages the audience directly. It allows your host or keynote presenter to interact with guests at home, providing a personalized approach. Naturally, because the LED screen is a physical set piece, we can bring the audience up on stage and make them part of the discussion. Furthermore, this allows for more interactions between the presenters and the attendees. Also, our LED screen is customizable. We can brand your virtual meeting any content, giving your event the personal touch.

And with our in-house Creative Services department, we can create custom content. We specialize in animated backgrounds, logo openers, and brand content. Together, we can bring your virtual meeting to the next level!

Customized Virtual Sets

Virtual Meetings - Virtual SetsFor the most versatility, we recommend choosing one of Merestone’s Virtual Sets. Virtual sets offer flexibility and add production quality to your virtual meeting. This is because each virtual set comes with multiple camera angles, much like a large television studio.

We design in a virtual space. So it’s just like creating stage looks for any live event. Except in a virtual setting, we’re not limited by ceiling heights or ballroom sizes. As a result, we have more options and flexibility.

Merestone has many virtual sets to choose from. They’re perfect for conferences, award ceremonies, and sales meetings. We can film you right here from our studios in Tempe.


And don’t worry if you can’t make the trip to Arizona. We can film presenters on remote green screens with ease. The process integrates your remote presenters directly into Merestone’s live stream platform. For more information on this, watch the video below.

Learn about Merestone’s Virtual Meeting Platform

Zoom fatigue is real. We’re hearing it from clients on a daily basis. They need a solution that engages the audience. They need meetings to be interactive and memorable. As a result, our team developed a solution. We’re proud to offer our fully customizable Virtual Meeting Platform. It works perfectly with our LED and Virtual Sets, delivering clean, broadcast-quality content and presentations.

About Our Virtual Meetings


Optimize Your Virtual Events & Webinar

The events industry is evolving. For years, Merestone has provided live streaming and hybrid events services. We’ve done this for clients all over the world. As a result, we have tools in place to provide all your virtual events and webinar needs.

WEB Community

Full-scale Virtual Conferences

Merestone’s Virtual Campus offers 16 meeting venues. This includes dozens of locations for networking. To expand, it also offers a customizable virtual tradeshow space with 180 booths. Because the campus is virtual, we can offer over 200 branding opportunities. This allows our clients to customize their event and incorporate sponsors.

WeB Data

Data and Analytics

We offer full reporting and analytics. As a result, you can track attendee footprints, and event evaluations.

Web - data

Key Event Features:

  • Interactive Chats with Speakers and Sponsors
  • 1:1 Private Chat Space
  • Question & Answers
  • Live Poling
  • Video Sharing
  • Green Screen Technology
  • LED Wall Backgrounds
  • Video Production Studios for Live or Prerecorded Events
  • Production Management with audio visual providers and integration with livestream managed services
  • Audio Visual Equipment and Expert Technical Staff
WEB lightbulb

Additional Features:

  • Full Event Communications
  • Full Event Management Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Staging and A/V Support
  • Show Callers and Rehearsals
  • Slide Content Management and Design
  • 3D Scenic Design, Creation and Animation
  • Custom Scenic Design and Fabrication

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